Prevention services to the community in growing potential #nocrime

National Youth Development Outreach (NYDO) delivers crime prevention, life skills and youth development programmes in an integrated and holistic manner towards children youth and adults with an elevated risk to participate in criminal activities. 

NYDO provides knowledge and skills regarding various relevant and contemporary issues, such as: self-awareness, bullying, peer pressure, “blessers”, trafficking, emotional safety, vandalism, teenage pregnancy and aggressive behaviour. Empowering the young person to navigate successfully through their life journey and reduce at-risk behaviour with purposeful life goals, recreational activities, hobbies and leadership skills. 

The result is actively involved children, youth, parents, teachers and leaders within their community with the life motto of: “each one, reach one”

Getting involved in growing potential activities:

Holiday programmes

NYDO designed fun filled holiday programmes to keep the young person between 10-16 from criminal activities during the holidays and inspiring them to pursue recreational and extramural activities. 

Life Skills workshops

Focusing on providing skills, educational and workshops to empower youth and adults within their communities to inspire, impact and grow the youth in the community influencing them to support NYDO on the journey to develop diligent, responsible and caring citizens.  NYDO offers exciting team building activities, teachers’ seminars, parent skills workshops, family fun days, basic computer skills, technology-based job readiness, emotional intelligence and resilience programmes. These activities are presented within the needed setting of the school, clinic, community gatherings and on camps. 


Educational theatre and work sessions

Through our highly effective and creative team we raise awareness and educate children, adolescents and youth on life skills topics, high school issues, performing arts workshops and develop needed leadership skills.   Building dreams and installing resilience in those we meet.