Our Management Team

Elzabe Aucamp
CEO, National Youth Development Outreach.

We have a friendly group of hard-working staff willing to go the extra mile for the youth and their families struggling with crime activities. The staff at NYDO love to serve, build relationships, support, guide, empower and develop all youth engaging with National Youth Development Outreach.

To young people wanting to become reliable, diligent and responsible citizens, my message to you is that NYDO is the place where you can discover yourselves and develop your potential through arts activities, team building, adventure activities, skills development and mentoring within  NYDO’s unique ways. The support, guidance and encouragement is outstanding.

The Board of Directors ensures good governance of NYDO and keep the organisation in line with rules and regulations.  Their support and guidance are an asset to the organisation, management and staff.  Without volunteers with the hearts and attitudes of each board member, NYDO wouldn’t exist for 30 years.

To steer NYDO to grow and develop from strength to strength delivering wonderful programs in the communities is a unique opportunity and humbles me daily.


NYDO is all about life change, about impact and growth. NYDO is driven by the passion to make a difference in the communities it operates in. Being part of this great organization means I am afforded an opportunity to fulfill my desire to both impact society with all the alternative yet innovative programmes that NYDO offers and cultivate growth within the frame of our communities. NYDO goes to great measures to prepare the participants for life's challenges and launch them into the individual path for their lives.

Anthony Nkosi
Relationship Manager

Being part of the NYDO team affords me with an opportunity to exercise my passion; that is making a difference in young people's lives and also to keep learning from their experiences. Through working with these young people, I also have an opportunity to work with their families and ultimately their communities. There is such a peace that surpasses all understanding when I sleep at night knowing I have done my part in building a crime-free South Africa. it is therefore my wish that each person that NYDO has reached; can reach another because together we win!

Kagiso Phaswana
Senior Social Worker/Program Manager, NYDO.

Being part of NYDO has allowed me to take into cognizance the possibilities to influence and empower youth, through skills development and innovative programmes offered by NYDO. I have discovered myself and developed my potential immensely through skills development and other unique ways, hence I am saying the model and youth-led approaches adopted by NYDO towards sustainable development and social equity are unique opportunities for the betterment of the youth and their communities.

Vincent Moloto