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Our goal is to reach 1 000 000 Children by the year 2023
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National Youth Development Outreach.

“If South Africa don’t invest enough in the youth, 
the country is on the threshold of a demographic winter

~ Dr. Pali Lehohla, former Statistician-General – Article 08/26/2016

About us

NYDO has a good track record and proven sustainability since 1995 as a registered NPC, in delivering development services to at-risk youth and communities: those in desperate need for psychosocial and potential development assistance.  The founder, Mr. Billy Paulson and hardworking pioneers in the community left a memorable heritage and legacy in the community for the community.  

NYDO has a Recreation and Training Facility in Eersterust next to Mamelodi in Tshwane. This facility is accessible to children and young people between 10 -28 years. NYDO is shaping the future of South Africa by developing new skills through training, education and development programs for children, youth, their families and their mentors towards creating opportunities to achieve their fullest potential in life. 

NYDO addresses life- and skills knowledge barriers, conducts behavioural and life orientation sessions as well as presents skills level and career assessment.  Equipping youth at risk to effectively overcome their fears, self-doubt, low self-esteem and to develop self-management skills to productively deal with the challenges of everyday life preventing crime within the community.

For providing services of life skills, development and diversion sessions, NYDO needs to appoint and make use of registered Social Service Practitioners, Art Practitioner Facilitators and Training Facilitators

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Shaping the future of South Africa by developing new skills through training, education and development programs for children, youth, their families and their mentors towards creating opportunities to achieve their fullest potential in life.


Growing responsible diligent youth through prevention, intervention and skills development activities.


NYDO’s work is guided and informed by our Christian foundation beliefs and commitment to:

  • Inclusiveness – we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality;
  • Participation – we value and recognise the contribution of volunteers, the community, donors and other stakeholders;
  • Quality – we strive for excellence through continuous improvement;
  • Openness – we are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration;
  • Integrity – we are consistently honest, open, ethical and fair;
  • Passion – we are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving;
  • Stewardship – we are careful and responsible in the management of resources entrusted to us.  


What We Do

We are a non-profit oraganisation with various development programmes that provide an alternative to a life of drugs and gangsterism. Over the years we have developed into an organisation with an integrated and holistic approach to working with young people.

The programmes of NYDO include an Adolescent diversion/development program, prevention program, parenting programme and empowerment and development programmes that includes activities such as: adventure camps; hiking trails; historical, cultural or recreational outings; high school readiness camps; drumming, music and art activities; holiday programmes.

Objectives 2018 - 2021

  1. To become part of young people and their family’s life spaces with training material, educational activities and developmental programs to reduce risk factors leading to conflict with the legal system in South Africa through our community-based Adolescent Diversion Life Skills behaviour change Programme.
  2. To develop diligent and responsible adults achieving their full potential in life by embedding regenerated social values and morals into young people and their family’s lives.
  3. To create a supportive society through youth that can execute good life choices, ensure overcoming day-to-day life issues, pursuing resilience and overcoming barriers in their lives.
  4. To influence family’s perspective regarding poverty, and inspire the young people and their families through workshops and identified opportunities to change their poverty status to become responsible, participating citizens and leaders in their community.
  5. To create and develop training, educational and reflective material to support young people and their families in the NYDO journey.
  6. To encourage a life motto of “each one, reach one” through 100 beneficiaries sharing their learning experiences through volunteering and restorative activities in their communities each year.

Our Management Team

Governance and compliance

The broader community of Tshwane are represented in the Board of Directors of NYDO focusing on growing responsible, diligent youth through prevention, intervention and skills development activities.  The Board of Directors are experts within needed disciplinary fields in order to support and develop the organisation and ensuring good oversight and governance within the framework of the Companies Act 71 of 2001 as well as the Non-profit Organisation’s Act 71 of 1997.  Contributions to NYDO are in line with the requirements of educational funding as contemplated in Section 18A of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 and comply with the definition of educational or training purposes as mentioned in the Act. 

While NYDO is carrying out much needed development work in South Africa on ground level, our funders can also get credit and exposure for their commitment and contributions to the reconstruction process in South Africa. It is possible to combine and integrate aspects of your Marketing- and Branding drive with Social Responsibility and BBBEE objectives: SED, ED and Supplier Development in BBBEE terms apply.

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