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In 1990 Billy Paulson established a Community Development Organization called "Youth Development Outreach" (YDO). With a mission to train, teach and develop young people taking a firm stand against evils of society influencing the youth. This would be accomplished through unconditional acceptance. Now 25 years later, the organization still exists known as National Youth Development Outreach (NYDO).

Unemployment falls harshly on the young South Africans and become part of the evils of society influencing the youth. The young people in the townships of Eersterus, Mamelodi, Nellmapius, Cullinan and Bronkhorstspruit are faced with life issues discouraging them to dream, set goals and reach their full potential.

Our Programmes

What We Do.

We are a non-oraganization with variuos development programme. We provide an alternative to a life of drugs and gangsterism. Over the years we development into an Organization with an integrated and holistic approach working with young people.

Adolescent Development Programme (ADP)

As part of our youth justice we encourage to belonging through the discovery of positive relationships within the community, to master skills, focusing on their talents, interest and knowledge. The use of arts and drumming are unique to the NYDO program. The program leads to independency of choices, patience and responsibility and result in giving to and care about others through respect and support.

The harsh reality today is the youth can come in conflict with the law, and to court for the first time. Youth in conflict with the law can be granted the option of coming to the NYDO’s 12 week non-residential Adolescent Development Program. The ADP is a registered accredited diversion program with Gauteng Department of Social Development.

The young people can be faced with live issues e.g low self-esteem, low self-worth and low life expectation most likely behind in their educational development, early school drop-outs, experimenting with drug use and dealing in drugs, gambling and not welcome in the peer-group. During the Diversion program, the restorative process and a self-awareness journey start with the young person.

Youth Development Programme

The overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, desperation and anger result in destructive behaviour and risk to come in conflict with the law. The NYDO creed, “each one reach one” is visible in the communities.

The programmes of NYDO include an adolescent diversion program, prevention, empowerment and development programmes that includes activities of:

1. Adventure camps (one day or weekend) 2. Hiking trails (one day) 3. Historical, cultural or recreational outings 4. Highschool readiness camps, 5. Drumming, music and art activity 6. Holiday programmes

These activities are aimed to support the young people to overcome their fears, self-doubt and expose them to positive activities.

This project address the knowledge barriers by reclaiming the youth of the townships using the principles of the circle courage and training trainers and facilitators from the communities to resolve the lack of skills in the communities.

YOUTH MENTORING – use info as on brochure FAMILY SUPPORT – use info as on brochure OUTREACH & PREVENTION – use info as on brochure

Performance Arts

Community Based Arts Festivals were conducted in various communities around the country. As this is the organisations foundations is performance arts, the need from the community urge NYDO to re-institute Art Festivals.

Currently “Reflections” an edutainment play is conducted within Gauteng with thanks to the National Lotteries Commission. This performance addresses the issues highlighted by community members, beneficiaries of NYDO’s AD program and it reflects on daily youth issues.

Performing arts is can be used as a practical vehicle to impact on society issues within communities on a preventative as well as on a change level. The use of performance art to communicate issues with the beneficiaries is exciting and creative making them part of the issue and giving them tools to deal with the issues, without over burdening them with information.

Industries can contact NYDO for needs-based performances available to address issues. Beginning a new needs-based production option are also a possibility for NYDO Performing Arts.

Skills training

The purpose of skills training is to provide youth with sustainable life skills that will increase their chances of been absorbed in to the labour market or establish an own businesses venture.

Young people trained at NYDO in the past three years are on the data base and are contacted from time to time as opportunities arise. This method helps develop and equip youth to discover their journey in live. Youth participants can Keep in contact with NYDO offices from time to time to update contact details and employment status this will be a benefit to you and NYDO.

Currently the Board of Directors is currently conducting a research to develop a Business Module to ensure a sustainable skills training for youth through NYDO.


See Our Gallery and Management.

We have a friendly group that is hard workers and are willing to go an extra mile for the youth that are in need of our help and serve, build relationships, support, guide, empower and develop all youth visiting National Youth Development Outreach.


We look the initiative behind the play done by the Reflections and what they think about the organisation and their future. Details


We see the comments made by the management of National Youth Developement Outreach during the interviews on how NYDO contribute to the communities, after the play done by the Reflections. Details


We take a look on how the Reflections portray some issues involving gangesterism in South African communities and how to deal with them and show youth what is our organization is doing.Details


We enjoy community participation from the young people, their families and former participants of our programs. Each memory gathered from former mentors, parents of young people and young person testifying the impact NYDO played in their formative life-phase.Details


He established a Community Development Organization called "Youth Development Outreach" (YDO). With a mission to train, teach and develop young people taking a firm stand against evils of society influencing the youth. Details


The productions is based upon various social issues which were raised by the youth in the research phase of the project. Details

Our team and their say.

  • Being part of NYDO make it possible to influence lives of young people through a well establish organisation is a privilege. The testimonies from mentors, parents of formative life-phase, made me proud to be part of the organisation. Young people wanting to become reliable, diligent and responsible citizens, my message to you is; NYDO is the place where you can discover ourselves and develop your potential through arts, skills development and other unique NYDO ways. The support, guidance and encouragement of the Board of Directors ensure good governance of NYDO. To steer NYDO to grow and develop from strength to strength delivering wonderful programs in the communities is a unique opportunity.

    Author image
    Elzabe Aucamp CEO, National Youth Development Outreach.
  • I think part of the uniqueness of the organization is the fact that youth development has taken many forms, e.g. life skills development to enhance their functioning; development of their environments the family, school, community, and vocational development e.g. technical skills training to assist in their income generation. The focus on using creative methods and been led by the needs of the youth, ensures that the initiatives are relevant and exciting! The effort to employ and continuously develop staff who have passion for youth and empowerment ensures the effectiveness of the programs.

    Author image
    Mandy Manuel Senior Social Worker/Program Manager, NYDO.


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